February 2019   
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Wesley Walkers (WH)
6:00 AM to 7:45 AM
Thrive - After School Program
2:30 PM to 5:00 PM
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The blog post on Friday outlined some of the difficulties that the mission team had getting to Guatemala to do God’s work. We faced airplane mechanical issues, storms swirling in and around the Atlanta airport, and even fire alarms in the airport terminal which could potentially cause a further delay to our travel plans. Friday was like a little volcanic eruption that threatened to alter our plans to be in mission with the people of Guatemala.

Similarly in Guatemala the Volcán de Fuego (“Fire Volcano”) erupted a little over a month ago and killed at least 99 people and displaced over 2,000. The eruption hit a little closer to home by causing the closure of the Guatemala City airport for three days and potentially threatening our plans to get in and out of the country. Needless to say the Volcán de Fuego eruption was major event for both the Guatemalan people and our mission team.

The mission team received some peace on Saturday we had a chance to sleep in and have a nice breakfast in Guatemala City before traveling to Antigua to experience the local culture. Antigua is the old capital of Guatemala known for its colonial Spanish missionary architecture. Its beauty is surrounded by several volcanic peaks most of which are dormant except for the nearby Volcán de Fuego. The change of pace from Friday to Saturday was good for the soul with Antigua being a nice rest stop for the long journey to Panajachel.

Now, the Volcán de Fuego has relatively been at peace since its eruption in June. The internal pressure has dropped as have the steam and smoke emitting from the vent. The people of Guatemala are left to pick up pieces and live they best they know how among the volcanic peaks.

The juxtaposition between eruption and peace brings me back to something Rev. Tom Heaton always used share with the congregation at First Church. We used to say together “God is good all the time; all the time God is good.” Whether you are experiencing life’s storms or all is calm God is always there for us. We hope to channel God’s peace and love this week as we work to help the people in the town of San Andreas.

The picture is the Volcán de Agua towering over the town of Antigua.