Leader: Lauren Stemple

BARNABAS - In Acts 11: 19-26, we read about Barnabas and how he was sent to encourage believers to remain true to the Lord and to encourage them in their faith.  In the fall of 2008 the Barnabas program began at FUMC as a way
to encourage our students while in college and later expand to include our young adults in the military as well.

Adults are paired with students and those in the military and remain secret to their 'adoptees' throughout the year, sending them notes of encouragement, small gifts, and keeping them in their prayers.

Barnabas Adults and Students     

If you are a college student or young military adult or know of one who would like to be encouraged this year by a secretive FUMC adult, please contact Lauren Stemple or Shirley in the church office (

Be sure to include your school email address or one you check regularly and your cell phone number.  You will be partnered with an adult who will keep you in prayer and send you encouraging notes throughout this school year.  You will only need to fill out a brief informational survey at the beginning of this year and the secret adult will do the rest ~ along with God’s help! 

You will find out who your encouraging Barnabas has been next June.

NOTE – All interested students should respond even if you were a Barnabas student previously.


Attention Interested Barnabas Adults: 

If you would like to adopt a college student or military young adult from FUMC to hold in prayer throughout this coming school year, please contact Lauren Stemple or Shirley in the church office (

You will be partnered with a student in early September.  Barnabas adults send monthly notes of encouragement or small gifts to their Barnabas student while holding them in prayer regularly.  You will get an informational sheet on your Barnabas student to help you get to know them and their interests better. The identity of each Barnabas adult remains secretive throughout the school year!  We will gather in June to reveal our partnerships.



Lauren Stemple
Coordinator Barnabas Ministry

  September 2021  
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